It can take 3-4 weeks to complete the application process. 

If you do not hear from us within 4 weeks, please contact us to make sure your application was received.

To contact our Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator, Sara Katherine Waller, you may email her at [email protected] or call her at 601-992-3556.


Applicants will be notified via email. Please check your SPAM folder.



We would like to express how grateful The Mustard Seed Family is for all you do. Your service is a vital part of our ministry!

Our policies are as follows:

Volunteers are not to discipline Seedsters or interject in disciplinary matters. If a behavioral problem occurs, volunteers must report the problem to a Mustard Seed Staff.

Volunteers are not to give phone numbers or addresses to Seedsters. If you would like to write to a Seedster, please direct all mail to: The Mustard Seed, 1085 Luckney Road, Brandon, MS 39047.

Volunteers are not to paint ceramics or instruct Seedsters on painting ceramics; painting is reserved only for Seedsters.

As a volunteer at The Mustard Seed, we expect your conduct to be in keeping with a Christian environment. Please respect the dignity of the Seedsters, Mustard Seed staff, and other volunteers.

Photography is allowed at The Mustard Seed; however, taking video of Seedsters is prohibited. Please ‘tag’ The Mustard Seed on any photos posted to online share sites and use your very best judgment prior to posting.

Please do not give Seedsters gifts or food, unless previously approved by a Mustard Seed staff member.

The Mustard Seed reserves the right to dismiss anyone not abiding by The Mustard Seed policy.

All volunteers, in respecting the dignity of the Seedsters, are not allowed in any one-on-one settings. Volunteers must interact with Seedsters in groups of two Seedsters or more.

Please do not sit or hang out at the staff table in the Activity Center. We have to discuss confidential matters and keep confidential paperwork on the tables relating to the Seedsters that is not public knowledge.

In the event of an emergency, all volunteers must abide by the rules of The Mustard Seed Staff; however, volunteer group chaperones are responsible for the location of their volunteers.

Several Seedsters have hearing and large activity sensitivities; please let the Seedsters set the desired tone and level of activity.

The Activity Center is not a gymnasium, please do not bounce balls or run inside.

All volunteer activity MUST be scheduled. You must call or email Sara Katherine Waller at [email protected] or 601-992-3556 and schedule your volunteer hours prior to coming out to volunteer. We have limited volunteer spots available so don’t delay!

Volunteers must sign in and out in the gift shop EACH TIME they come to volunteer at The Mustard Seed.

Have fun and enjoy your time at The Mustard Seed!

We hope that you will benefit from the ministry of our Seedsters, as we will benefit from your generosity!


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